Davie-Blue of HBO TV Series “Room 104”

actress brittney bertier transplants the web series poster

When there’s a series that’s as loopy as it is intriguing as the upcoming HBO series “Room 104”, we most certainly need to fawn over the eclectic cast which includes the very charming Davie-Blue. Do look out for Davie-Blue in her most dynamic role yet as Jennifer in what will be a wild roller coaster of an episode when she comes onscreen. She’s reuniting with Jay Duplass, the co-creator of “Room 104” whom she starred alongside in the offbeat comedy “Manson Family Vacation”. The likeable nature of the story had resonated not only with audiences but also Netflix which has invested in Mr Duplass. So one should expect Davie-Blue to be a scene stealer in more of his kooky, effervescent features.

Davie-Blue also has a short film called “Stay Here” which is screening at the upcoming SOHO International Film Fest in New York. It will take us on yet another dramatic journey as she plays the haunting figure that pulls apart a woman and her wife. Certainly, i’ll be putting Davie-Blue on the hot list of actresses who will be dazzling it up on the big screen come June 15 onwards. Davie-Blue has also helped to foster imaginative young minds with her immersive fantasy world with her Enchanted Children parties. She’s been praised for introducing creative and thoughtful play during her classes, bringing a child’s dreams to life with thematic activities.

actress brittney bertier transplants the web series poster

From the young to adults and everyone in between, the charismatic Davie-Blue is bringing such joy in our lives and there’s still plenty more to discover as we longingly fall under her spell.

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