Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2017 – Part 2

Briana Marin in “Land Of Happy Dreams”

actress briana marin land of happy dreams dances with films 2017

– Award-winning actress Briana Marin has a mesmeric presence that reels you in whenever she takes to the screen which has taken her on an adore-worthy and eye-catching run on film as well as television.
– Don’t miss her most compelling performance yet in the short film “Land Of Happy Dreams” as she stars as Misty, a mother who goes to great lengths including selling her principles in order to save her seriously ill daughter.
– She’s enthralled TV audiences on “The Night Shift” during Season 3 as social worker Nina Alvarez who has a protective streak and a dollop of spunk and has also appeared on “The Leftovers” which just had its finale.

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Jackie Moore in “Grief”

actress jackie moore grief dances with films 2017

– Attendees at Dances With Films might have gotten a glimpse of the luscious Jackie Moore who was at the opening party as well as the premiere of her film “Grief” which will touch viewers in heart-breaking fashion.
– She stars as Sherry Harden, the ex-wife of a grieving husband who questions his existence after losing their beloved child. While she is moving on, he buckles under a mounting depression and contemplates suicide.
– We have long admired her range on dramatic roles and comedic ones having guest-starred on “The Mindy Project”. Jackie is also slated to return in a supporting role on the critically acclaimed hit “Westworld” in 2018.

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Jenn Lyon in “Lemon”

actress brea bee miscast dances with films 2017

– With the poster of her new series “Claws” emblazoned in bold colours at Times Square in New York City, you already know come June 11, Jenn Lyon is set for rapturous attention as she sizzles up the small screen.
– Look out for Jenn to add her sassy touch to the romantic comedy short “Lemon” which sees a bride (Jennifer Westfeldt) and her groom reveal some shocking secrets just seconds after their wedding.
– Whether she’s dishing out a barrel of laughs most recently on “Crashing” or showing us she can be a heartbreaker in her memorable role as Lindsey Salazar on the hit series “Justified”, Jenn is a serial thriller.

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Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber and Rachel Amanda Bryant in “Hollywood and Sunset”

actress elizabeth hirsch tauber hollywood and sunset dances with films 2017
actress rachel amanda bryant hollywood and sunset dances with films 2017

– We are always in reverence of the women who are consistently the endearing faces of independent films and Elizabeth Hirsch Tauber and Rachel Amanda Bryant add their distinctive appeal to “Hollywood And Sunset”.
– On course to garner an ardent reception, Elizabeth dazzles as struggling actress Audrey who in the midst of auditioning for nutty movies such as zombie sharks is having a crisis of faith in the Tinseltown Rat Race.
– Rachel is currently at Dances With Films in the throes of promoting the feature “Hollywood And Sunset”. She has several features on the festival circuit including the impressive multi-award wining horror short “Jet Set LA”.

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Erica Derrickson in “Soul Candy”

actress erica derrickson soul candy dances with films 2017

– Those soulful blue eyes and the enchanting smile of Erica Derrickson is at the center of her appeal and it’s no wonder she’s a vision of vibrant personage in the quirky indie comedy short “Soul Candy”.
– In “Soul Candy”, she stars as Kaya, a woman who helps her sister Siri, a shy bookworm to win the affections of a used bookstore clerk. Erica is more than ready to assume the mantle of captivating indie starlet!
– Erica is also quite the elegant fixture at film events having recently caught the eye in a shimmering golden dress at the 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards. She’s a definite winner on the red carpet!

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