Caroline Lindy

actress caroline lindy casual

Having dazzled on the indie film festival circuit, the fetching Caroline Lindy comes into our adoring view this week on the 3rd Season of “Casual” on Hulu. Check out this clip of Caroline’s first appearance on the 5th episode of “Casual”. She certainly has the smart look all patted down as Harper who conducts an interview with former tech entrepreneur Alex Cole (Tommy Dewey) for a job at the company Enframe. She ruffles his feathers with her somewhat condescending tone so one can expect things to spice up fairly quickly as Caroline’s character is part of a 3 episode arc.

She came into prominence in indie films as the leading lady Maggie in “Moon Party” where she was the director, writer and star of the relationship comedic short. As the lovelorn Maggie, Caroline projected poise as the woman who while frolicking at a Naked Party, stumbles upon an ex with his new girlfriend in tow. Caroline is also know as an improv performer and regularly does sketch comedy on the Los Angeles scene. For those who have a thing for sparkling brunettes such as Allison Williams (“Girls”, “Get Out”) or Nikki Reed should find Caroline whom we know is a delicate beauty to be just as delightful.

actress marzy hart dances with films 2017

Be it film, television, the web or the stage, Caroline’s distinguishing effervescence would make anyone a devoted fan.

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