Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Marzy Hart

actress marzy hart dances with films 2017

It’s always intriguing when an actress can pull off a myriad of looks and Marzy Hart will be of notable resonance at Dances With Films. She’s co-producing and appearing in the feature “Landing Up” which centres on a savvy woman Chrissie (Stacey Maltin) who learns to be a pick-up artist to make end meet. That is until she meets the man of her dreams! Marzy has 2 supporting roles in “Landing Up”, one as a homeless girl and one was as a performer in a theater piece inside of the film. Marzy is notable for crafting bold stories and having her finger on the pulse of controversial topics with her work onscreen eye-catchingly vivid.

Marzy is famed for starring in “Slice”, a digital series which is an exhilarating and sexy ride into gory murder with moments of humour. She’s a must watch as Lily Drover whose new found obsession involves going on a murderous rampage all the while being a step ahead of the authorities. Marzy’s twisted performance was feted at both the Brooklyn Web Fest where she garnered a Best Actress nomination and the acclaimed Hollyweb Fest. We do love a women who can delve deliciously into being a femme fatale and Marzy’s adeptness is to be celebrated as should be her capability to segue different incarnations of the female form. Next up is a gig as an indie rock keyboardist in the upcoming comedy “The Incoherents”.

actress marzy hart landing up dances with films 2017

We can’t wait to see what she has for us in the near future and the inviting Marzy is definitely a face to watch!

Do visit the Marzy Hart Official Site for all the latest updates.

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