Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2017 – Part 3

Amanda Maddox in “The Other Place”

actress amanda maddox the other place dances with films 2017

– At this year’s Dances With Films, it looks like seductive, bold women are the pinnacle of fascinating stories and Amanda Maddox is sure to entice as the sensual star of the period piece “The Other Place”.
– She plays The Fiance of a mobster plagued by retrograde amnesia who both are holding hostage two poor souls and Amanda in her stunning red dress is a figure of devilishly saucy malevolence.
– Amanda is also an enchantress of the red carpet and her elegance is to be lauded many times over. She recently looked immaculate in attendance at The Gracies 2017 which celebrates exemplary women in media.

Jolene Andersen in “Thirteen”

actress jolene andersen thirteen dances with films 2017

– One could affirm that the stylish Jolene Andersen is on a prodigious run at film festivals with her sci-fi feature “Prodigy” in heavy rotation and another dramatic short likely to gain attention at Dances With Films.
– She stars in the though provoking short “Thirteen” which is reflective of the ills of this world as she plays Silvia, a CIA operative who is captured by ISIS only to be astounded by the tender age of one of the militants.
– TV is yet another frontier to be captivated by Jolene as she’s already been on “The Kingdom” which recently returned for its 3rd Season and she will be guest-starring in the 2nd season of “Queen Of The South”.

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Lindsay Heath in “Miriam’s Balloons”

actress lindsay heath miriam's balloons dances with films 2017

– Lindsay Heath has been on the festival circuit for a number of years with many of her features seeing her take on the life less ordinary of women whose back stories hold a deeper meaning in the context of life.
– Since we’re on the hot topic of female superheroines from the DC universe ala Wonder Woman, Lindsay shone as Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl in the fan film “Batgirl Rises” which has a most enthralling story at its core.
– Do catch her in “Miriam’s Balloons” as the mother of the titular Miriam, a young terminally ill cancer patient who befriends a youthful angel of death whose method of taking young souls involves the severing of balloons.

Monique Parent in “LA Street Race”

actress monique parent la street race dances with films 2017

– You could say she’s the silver fox of independent films, having been a temptation for a generation of viewers in a series of action, horror and comedy features that have highlighted her sensuality and versatility.
– Yet again we have an actress who has lit up the festival circuit, recently appearing in the actioner “The Fast And The Fierce” and the comedy “Scumbag”. Don’t miss her in “L.A. Street Race”, an authentic look at drag racing.
– Monique also has one of the hottest bodies on the planet ensuring her sex appeal is in abundance be it on film or on the many red carpets she’s graced. After all, her many fans know her as The Thinking Man’s Sex Symbol.

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Ali Froid in “Holden On”

actress ali froid holden on dances with films 2017

– Some of the most promising talents are emerging from Atlanta Georgia and the charming blonde Ali Froid is ready to set hearts aflutter who is vivacious as she is a natural at delivering emotive portrayals.
– Ali is the recipient of the “Georgia’s Rising Star” award from the Georgia Entertainment Gala in 2015 and her endeavours as an actress,model as well as a host have left a illuminating mark in the industry.
– She appears in the moving tale “Holden On” which sees a 17-year-old, Holden Layfield (Matthew Fahey) fighting to keep his mental illness a secret. This film has been hailed for its realistic narrative on mental illness.

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