Julie Ann Dawson

actress julie ann dawnson pitching tents

On this blog, we are innate admirers of the beauty of the female form and the enticing Julie Ann Dawson sizzles the screen this week in “Pitching Tents”. Set in the 1980s, this has all the ingredients of the old school funny persuasion and a bevy of beauties to get our hearts aflutter. Julie announces herself in a red bikini ensemble as the Fantasy Girl of the piece with shades of the sexy scene involving Phoebe Cates during her “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” days. With Julie heating things up, “Pitching Tents” should be the big draw on its VOD/Digital release this week!

With her foxy, athletic body honed from being an award-winning competitive cheerleader for 10 years, and involved with gymnastics, dance, and professional wrestling training, Julie should receive a most amorous reception too. She’s also an established model and host, very much a captivator on camera and on print thanks to her stunning heritage of English, Irish, and Swedish. Look out for her as the leading lady in the upcoming horror flick “Pinwheel” in the role of Riley Canterbury who returns home a decade after her mother’s murder. What she uncovers is a sinister plot involving her father’s carnival and a mysterious Pinwheel. She also recently appeared on the Nickelodeon sitcom “Game Shakers” as well as seducing us as a femme fatale in the thrilling short “Roommate Wanted”. Her killer looks are a prelude to something more menacing and all I have to say is don’t open the fridge! #BeautyKills

actress julie ann dawson sizzling cutie

With her ability to enrapture us with personalities on both sides of the coin onscreen, Julie is on her way to be an interesting watch in the years ahead.

Do visit the Julie Ann Dawson Official Site for all the latest updates.

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