Nadine Nicole

actress nadine nicole casual

Nadine Nicole is a picture of radiance on TV Land this week as she makes a bewitching entrance on the Hulu comedy series “Casual”. She has a recurring role starting with this week’s episode and will be appearing in upcoming episodes 6-10 as well as 12. Nicole plays Casey Orion, an enigmatic environmental activist who revels in her drive of dedicating her life to worthwhile causes for the community at large. It seems she’s about to be the centre of affection for everyone around her and becomes a kindred spirit to Tara Lynne Barr’s Laura Meyers. As Casey, Nadine’s mesmeric qualities come to the fore as her character becomes the stirring influence of everyone around her which eventually leads to complications.

Last year, Nadine guest-starred in a thrill a minute episode on “Scorpion” as Beth, a woman who gets trapped in the La Brea Tar Pits as Team Scorpion tries to extract her before she runs out of oxygen. She is also an award-winning actress having wowed audiences with her emotionally-nuanced performance in Alex Burunova’s award-winning indie film “Lonely Planet”. As the commitment phobic travel writer, she won her Best Actress gong at the Laughlin International Film Festival which is a testament to her qualities as a dramatic actor. Avid soap fans would be in reverence of her as she won hearts in her recurring role as Gwen Randall on the long-running CBS series “The Young And The Restless”. She’s a captivating watch as the shy mousy accountant who works at Jabot Cosmetics, surprising viewers with her wild side and penchant for blackmail.

actress nadine nicole spotlight

Are you in love with the stunning Nadine Nicole yet? You should be as this kissable cutie is en route to global affection and fandom.

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