Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Camilla Cleese

actress camilla cleese dances with films 2017

She might be of comedy royalty what with her being the daughter of Monty Python legend John Cleese yet Camilla Cleese is standing tall as a gifted comedienne. She can be seen in the comedy “The Manny” which centres on an easygoing Aussie surfer who is his desperation to settle in the US ends up marrying an eccentric single mother during a drunken stupor. Camille plays Crystal who seemingly has an adoring eye on the Aussie hottie Monty. Known for her statuesque attributes as she’s 1.83m tall, Camille’s towering height has been fertile ground for her work in improv which also sees her as an accomplished writer. This London-born beauty has tickled many a funny bone at Flappers, the Comedy Store, Inside Jokes, Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, Santa Barbara Comedy Hideaway, Madhouse, the Improv and the Westside Comedy Theater.

She also stars in the indie drama “High And Outside” and I for one love that she’s dazzling the screen alongside much beloved women on this blog namely Lindsey Haun and Jules Bruff. Camille is also the lead in the upcoming comedy “Bachelorette Weekend” where she and her group of friends inadvertently kill a stripper at their hen party! Sounds like a recipe for disaster and expect Camille to accentuate the film with her darkly, cerebral comedic tone. She has all the features of a supermodel yet she’s already graced the prestigious Edinburgh Festival and has regularly shone with her witty material.

actress camilla cleese dances with films 2017

She could soon be on the ascendency on film and we’ll be sure to be waiting in the wings to admire her.

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