Ashlynn Yennie

actress ashlynn yennie spotlight

Ever since Glenn Close boiled a bunny in “Fatal Attraction”, we’ve been fascinated with the evil women do onscreen and Ashlynn Yennie has a malicious new role on Lifetime that’s a must watch. She stars in “The Wrong Neighbour” as Jamie, a deranged woman who becomes a nightmare for a father and daughter as she malevolently stalks them both. While she may have been on the wrong end of a terrifying experiment by a twisted German doctor in “The Human Centipede”, this time around she’s doing a spate of diabolical things. Come June 10, viewers will get to see how far her character Jamie is willing to go to satiate her desire to be a mother figure. Girls Gone Bad are more often than not crowd pullers and Ashlynn is set to be our obsession this weekend.

If you’re besotted with Ashlynn, it’s probably down to her effortless allure and the fact that she’s viewed with reverence by horror fans the world over. Many would have seen her in the terror tale “Fear Inc.” which premiered at numerous film festivals including last year’s Tribeca. She was also the epitome of seduction in Showtime’s late-night series “Submission”, a tantalizing journey into the racy world of BDSM and dripping with erotic fervour. Her captivate beauty can be seen in her soulfulness and a magnetic on screen quality that’s demure yet tinged with sensuality.

actress ashlynn yennie the wrong neighbour

While she may strike fear into our core this week with her latest incarnation on TV, many a heart would already be hooked on Ashlynn, enchantress extraordinaire.

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