Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 10 June 2017

Barbie Castro in “Girlfriend Killer”

actress barbie castro girlfriend killer

– Thanks to the vivacious and accomplished Barbie Castro, Lifetime has become as much a platform to binge watch as it has been with Netflix, Hulu, etc. Her latest role in “Girlfriend Killer” is a riveting one.
– She’s the beguiling leading lady as Carmen Ruiz, a businesswoman who owns an online business that sets up the perfect marriage proposals but her rejection of a client’s amorous advances will have deadly consequences.
– Her lovable essence on film will find fondness with audiences and as I’ve discovered most recently her graciousness extends beyond the camera. She’s truly the sublime representation of a screen darling.

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Katie Carpenter in “Maid To Order”

actress katie carpenter maid to order

– When one is both a captivator onscreen across film, television, the web and the stage as she is a genuine talent as a creator of female-drive content, the passion we have for Katie Carpenter is abundantly effusive.
– Katie returns as Margot, the student turned fantasy maid in the 2nd Season of “Maid To Order” and she’s back to entice us with fetish-friendly humour as her character navigates the often kinky world she’s part of.
– She has also appeared as a gullible young student on the hit series “House Of Cards”, her first TV role and she went to guest-star on “Devious Maids”. We definitely would crave for the foxy Katie on the small screen.

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Linda Bella in “Devil’s Domain”

actress linda bella devil's domain

– One of the most photogenic women in independent film, the sexy Linda Bella exudes sex appeal from head to toe. She’s a French-born temptation with the picture perfect looks that would steal plenty of hearts.
– She’s at the apex of seductiveness as Destiny a.k.a. the Devil in the indie horror film “Devil’s Domain” as she offers a deal for a young teen who is cyber bullied and literally makes her existence a living hell.
– With her upcoming thriller “The Letter Red” which is a terror-filled, modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Linda is no stranger to the darker forms of interpretations onscreen, making her an intriguing watch.

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Narmar Hanna & Petra Bryant in “The Wedding Invitation”

actress narmar hanna the wedding invitation
actress petra bryant the wedding invitation

– Women who are praiseworthy for their work on both sides of the camera such as the delectable duo of Narmar Hanna and Petra Bryant from “The Wedding Invitation” which is now on iTunes are very much beloved.
– The luminous Narmar Hanna is the producer and also appears in the female-drive indie comedy that has a lot of heart and humorous moments to savour as we glimpsed how women go about in their quest for true love.
– Petra Bryant has a supporting role in “The Wedding Invitation” and she’s certainly a desirable indie talent having been eye-catching in films such as “Abduct”, “My Guardian Angel” and “The Disappearance of Lenka Wood”.

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One thought on “Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 10 June 2017

  1. Why isn’t there any information on Barbie Castro”s age? I did find that she plays roles between the age of 20-40. There is no way she can be playing even a 30 year old. She us definitely well into her 40’s. Why is she trying to keep her age a secret?

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