Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2017 – Part 4

Jenna St. John in “Sexpectations”

actress jenna st john sexpectations dances with films 2017

– This year, TV pilots have been a hot ticket item as audiences clamour to watch some of the best new episodic series and “Sexpectations” which stars Jenna St. John warrants similar endearment with its racy themes.
– Jenna plays Victoria who in the midst of supporting her room-mate who is a 30-year-old virgin with hopes of getting her romance novel published, is herself feeling just a tad insecure about the length of her labia!
– As the creator and writer of “Sexpectations”, do expect wicked and witty humour courtesy of the brilliant Jenna. She also wrote the supernatural drama “Dinner With The Alchemist” which graced last year’s Dances With Films.

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Michelle Azar in “How to Beat Your Sister-in-Law (at everything)”

actress michelle azar How to Beat Your Sister-in-Law at everything dances with films 2017

– The gorgeous Michelle Azar is a sultry siren with an immaculate track record on television having guest-starred on several hit shows such as “How to Get Away with Murder”, “Criminal Minds” and “Bones”.
– Michelle is the star of “How to Beat Your Sister-in-Law (at everything)” and she appears with Melissa Greenspan who happens to be her real life sister-in-law in a fictional web series about the trappings of familial relations.
– In “Life After Beth”, a zom-com which screened at Sundance to a great reception, Michelle had a role alongside Aubrey Plaza in a tale that saw the titular Beth being reanimated after a snake bite.

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Iris Karina in “One More Dance”

actress iris karina one more dance dances with films 2017

– Dramatic fare has been the platform for Iris Karina to showcase her talents as a versatile actress, having taken on a multitude of female figures onscreen whose ever-shifting lives are often etched in the sands of time.
– Look for Iris to move the emotional scale in “One More Dance” as she plays the Alzheimer afflicted wife of an elderly man who begins to reminisce about their life together when they had their very first dance.
– She also has the distinction of appearing on the long awaited music video of Elton John’s epic anthem Tiny Dancer where she’s one from a dozen different people whose lives unfold behind the wheel of their cars in LA.

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Sonja O’ Hara, Alice Kremelberg and Sara Cicilian in “Doomsday”

actress sonja o'hara doomsday dances with films 2017
actress alice kremelberg doomsday dances with films 2017
actress sara cicilian doomsday dances with films 2017

– These trio of astoundingly talented women don’t need any introduction as their impeccable work in indie films are laudable feats as have been their fetchingly intriguing performances in the buzzworthy “Doomsday”.
– Award-winning Canadian actress and filmmaker Sonja O’Hara has to be celebrated as a shining star of independent cinema as her creative resonance both on and off screen are garnering an ever growing affection.
– Alice continues to define herself in the dramatic genre with her vulnerability a fixture of her performances most notably in the horror short “Sweet Hollow”. Many viewers will share a similar passion for this charismatic talent.
– The photogenic Sara has the comely features that we find to be effortless in their charms and she’s one to cast our adoring gaze on. By the way she has a supporting role in the upcoming “The Dark Tower” starring Idris Elba.

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Ashley Brinkman & Jewel Greenberg in “The Real Drakoolavs”

actress ashley brinkman the real drakoolavs dances with films 2017
actress jewel greenberg the real drakoolavs dances with films 2017

– Ashley and Jewel are two captivating beauties who are a cert to be a thrill for the eyes as they personify the allure of being vampires in the web series “The Real Drakoolavs” which delves into a family of L.A. based bloodsuckers.
– As Ingrid, Ashley is the seductive sister of soon-to-be-blooded sibling Mila and she has the vampish attributes that is indicative of her predatory nature with a taste for blood very much the opposite of her younger sis.
– Jewel plays the elegant matriach of the Drakoolav family who is preparing Mila for a blood feast that will signify her ascension into the vampiric fold. She does have a surprising quirk and that is she’s a germaphobe.

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