Helena Marie

actress helena marie stagecoach the texas jack story actra awards 2017 montreal

On June 11th, Canadian Screen Darling Helena Marie is primed to sparkle at the prestigious 2017 ACTRA Awards in Montreal. She is nominated for Outstanding Performance – Female for her fearless portrayal as Bonnie Mudd in the western “Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story”. This has been the year of bad-ass women and as Bonnie, Helena is riveting in the skin of a trigger-happy woman who is the deputy of Kim Coates’s Marshal Calhoun. Their target in question is Nathaniel Reed (Trace Adkins) who previously did Mr Calhoun a grave wrong provoking his bounty hunting operation. Bonnie certainly has a brutal streak with one reviewer fondly calling her a female Terminator of sorts which is proof of Helena’s dynamism onscreen. The gifted Helena is more than deserving of her award nomination.

Here’s the luminous Helena Marie regaling about her experiences working on the thrilling film “Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story”:

To say that I had fun working on this movie would be an understatement. Not only did I get to perform alongside some famously talented people (Kim Coates, Judd Nelson, Trace Adkins) and be directed by the fabulous Terry Miles, but the role itself was out of this world. It was my first western, my first time shooting a gun on camera, and my first time on a horse on camera. Everyone just loved Bonnie Mudd and how she’d shoot first and not even bother with a question after.

Set life was fast-paced and energetic. We would have a daily discussion about my teeth – about whether they were dirty enough. Hahaha! It felt great to know that I was the toughest, deadliest character in the film. It was also terrifying and empowering. I really hope to be able to play a character like Bonnie again. There’s nothing like having your face, hair, hands, and teeth and attitude dirtied up, jumping on your horse with a gun in your hand as they yell out action! Nothing beats that.

actress helena marie actra awards 2017 montreal

Helena has several projects in the works and she’s also been active on the business side of film-making which has been her calling. She’s formed What’s On Tap Productions and is in the throes of producing her first feature film!

Do take a look at her production company site: http://www.wotproductions.com as well as her IMDB page for all the latest updates.

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