Screen Sweetheart: Lisa Schurga

actress lisa schurga idiotsitter

Film festivals are all the rage but at the same time television is a medium garnering equal popularity and Lisa Schurga is bringing her vivacity to the 3rd Season of “Idiotsitter”. She has a recurring role on the hilarity-heavy Comedy Central series as Pamela, a colleague of Billie (Charlotte Newhouse) who tries to cheer her up but ends up getting on her nerves. Look out for Lisa in future episodes to whip up even more laughter on “Idiotsitter” as the perky Pamela who enlivens the profane-laden humour that’s a signature of the show.

Lisa is a member of the famous The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles and it has certainly honed her comedic finesse on the small screen as well as her improv skills. She was part of the ensemble cast in “Charlotte’s Shorts” which debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival spotlighting the colourful and sometimes self-centered, clueless, and downright awful people you never want to meet, but probably already know. On TV, Lisa has guest-starred on “Modern Family”, “Fresh Off The Boat”, “2 Broke Girls” and numerous network shows. Lisa has a sereneness about her that would draw smiles from viewers.

actress lisa schurga screen sweetheart

As a burgeoning talent in this era of impressive comedies, Lisa should find herself being showered with plentiful adoration.

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