Sydney Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Neveen Hanna

actress neveen hanna sydney film festival 2017

We most certainly will be in unison to discuss the finery of Australian actresses and Neveen Hanna should be heading down adoring street. She appears in “Australia Day” starring Bryan Brown and Isabelle Cornish which screens at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. This is a drama that should stir much discussion considering it doesn’t shy away from exposing intolerance and prejudice that’s always been brimming in Australian society. The evolving storylines run the gamut of Australians from diverse backgrounds and will leave audiences with an awareness of issues that has often plagued our existence.

For those who are into the compelling shows from Down Under, Neveen had a recurring role on “The Principal” which threaded thought-provoking issues such as race relations, LGBTQ rights, religious intolerance, terrorism and. Certainly terrorism has been a hot button issue that’s dominating headlines almost every week.

Here’s the lovely Neveen talking about her role:

I played the tuckshop lady a mother of one of the boys at the school. My character is a suni devout muslim who refuses yo serve food to muslim kids during ramadan. She becomes a suspect in a murder at the school. He husband was killed by terrorists in syria and as the story unfolds she discovers her son is headed down the same path. It was a small part screen time wise but was an interesting character to play however, the research for her circumstances was terrifying!!! You will have to watch to know what happens. Its a fantastic series I guarantee you will be fully engaged watching the principle!

While Neveen is known for her accomplished performances in several Aussie TV shows such as “Packed to the Rafters” and last year’s “Hyde And Seek”, she’s also been dazzling it up on American networks having guest-starred on “Camp” on NBC. Such is the universal appeal of Australian talents that the graceful Neveen would enchant us on any production from around the globe.

actress neveen hanna australia day sydney film festival 2017

With her sophisticated beauty that’s a fixture both on and off screen, her admirers will be clamouring to see her touch hearts in many more features.

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