SOHO International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Kerri Lynn Miller

actress kerri lynn miller soho international film festival 2017

Female driven features directed by women directors are winning admirers globally and at this year’s Soho International Film Fest, Kerri Lynn Miller stars in a short film that bears personal meaning. She’s the leading lady of “Etymology” which is directed by Maria McIndoo and sees her in the role of Catherine, a mother who is a perfectionist. In her pursuit of excellence, she leverages a little too much pressure on her daughter Millie in the lead up to a spelling bee contest. Exploring our personal struggles that’s often brought on by societal pressures, it’s focus on flawed people is a genuine reflection of life that we know are filled with expectations on ourselves and often our family. As Catherine, Kerri excels in the guise of a woman with a disquiet growing within her as she grapples with the fact that Millie might not be the triumphant daughter she craved her to be.

Projecting ingrained frustrations on her daughter, we will soon discover that the backstory in her youth could have played a part in why she’s motivated to find success at any cost. Kerri reels us in with her poise onscreen as she tellingly fleshes out the tribulations of a woman whose own shortcomings has swayed her world view that things should always be picture perfect with an intolerance for failure. On TV, Kerri has guest-starred on “Blue Bloods” as the feisty campaign manger and lover of Senator Ted McCreary’s (Peter Coyote) and she was excellent as Meryl, the narcissistic shopkeeper on “Royal Pains”. With her adeptness at tapping into the humanity of the diverse women she’s already played, Kerri’s luminosity is destined to make an endearing impact on audiences.

actress kerri lynn miller etymology  soho international film festival 2017

Do visit the Kerri Lynn Miller Official Site for all the latest updates as well as reels of her various appearances on film and television.

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