Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ LA Film Fest 2017

Angela Trimbur in “I Know You From Somewhere”

actress angela trimbur i know you from somewhere la film festival 2017

– When it comes to film festivals, there’s one enchantress that’s been ever-present in her luscious visibility and that’s the gorgeous Angela Trimbur who is the beguiling star of “I Know You from Somewhere”.
– She’s captivating until the final reel as Katherene, an accidental viral sensation turned internet pariah and appears alongside Cleopatra Coleman (Last Man Standing) who plays her friend Olivia.
– Her diverse range has seen Angela shine in the horror genre namely “The XX” as well as “Psychopaths” in 2017 and she continues to exude absolute fascination with her upcoming feature opposite Constance Wu in “The Feels”.

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Carrie Coon in “The Keeping Hours” & “Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town”.

actress carrie coon la film festival 2017

– After her rivetingly praiseworthy performances on the final season of “The Leftovers” and her current riveting turn on Season 3 of “Fargo”, it’s obvious that Carrie Coon should be in line for an Emmy Award or two.
– She’s also enthralling audiences with 2 features, the first is the drama “The Keeping Hours” where she stars as Elizabeth who reunites with her divorced husband after supernatural events come to pass.
– In “Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town”, she is appearing alongside Mackenzie Davis who is the titular Izzy, a woman trying to crash her ex-boyfriend’s engagement party so expect Carrie to be eye-catching too!

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Miranda Parham in “Redmond Hand, Private Dick

actress miranda parham redmond hand private dick la film festival

– Easily a stunning rose of independent cinema, the always luscious Miranda Parham’s emergence is to be celebrated especially with her alluring facets destined to be a regular fixture at a number of film festivals.
– In the short film “Redmond Hand, Private Dick”, Miranda is every bit the sensual temptation as a woman whose missing cactus drives the whims of LA’s most notorious detective in pursuit of the mystery.
– She also had a supporting role as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike with the aforementioned Angela Trimbur in “Psychopaths” which should pave way for an engaging run for Miranda on the festival circuit.

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