Sizzling Starlets To Crave @ Soho International Film Festival 2017

Katherine Romans in “Heavy Feathers”

actress katherine romans heavy feathers soho international film festival 2017

– It’s no wonder we are continually in reverence of independent film’s most fetching women and in Katherine Romans, we have an adorable talent who belongs on this planet of affection thanks to her magnetic qualities.
– Do catch her in “Heavy Feathers”, a short film that’s colourful in tone as much as its dramatic resonance. She is eye-catching as Elsie, a young woman whose world view is at odds with her sister Myna (Joosje Duk).
– She’s already proven to be a captivating watch with her dazzling turn in “Bound” as Emily who after rehab reconnects with old friends but sees her friendship with the story’s central character tested by familial bonds.

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Satomi Hoffman in “Four Bottles”

actress satomi hoffman four bottles soho international film festival 2017

– Actress, singer, musician, composer, and arranger Satomi Hoffman is a foxy multi-hyphenate who has lit up Broadway, film, and television. She has even done a drink commercial with Jennifer Aniston.
– She stars as Lisa in “Four Bottles”, one half of an eccentric couple who cross paths with the film’s protagonist Stacy (Melanie Ryan) as she contends with the travails of unpredictability of New York City.
– Having appeared on the Showtime series “The Affair”, she recently appeared as a doctor on “Gotham”. Satomi is also known for her ebullient work on heart-warming indie features “Burning Down” and “Stuck”.

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Davie-Blue in “Stay Here”

actress davie-blue stay here soho international film festival 2017

– On evidence of how she had a sizeable viewing rate on this blog after the recent article I wrote that teased her upcoming recurring role on the TV series “Room 104”, we’ll be hearing plenty of blossoming star Davie-Blue.
– In the dramatic short “Stay Here”, she’s hauntingly beautiful as an enigmatic lady who has a hand in pulling apart the relationship between a woman and her wife. Davie-Blue is primed to move plenty of hearts.
– Calling herself a womanist and an imagination teacher, the glowing endeavours of Davie-Blue both on and off screen notably as the creator of The Enchanted Dream Party is a joy to behold for people of all ages.

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