SOHO International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Stacey Maltin

actress stacey maltin landing up soho international film festival 2017

Stacey Maltin is at the creative forefront of all that is intriguing in indie cinema today with her tonally rich drama “Landing Up”. From a whirlwind world premiere at Dances With Films and now to the dynamism of this year’s SOHO International Film Fest, “Landing Up” is quickly amassing plenty of buzz. Stacey stars as Chrissie who exists in 2 worlds, one which is her life on the gritty streets and the other of her burgeoning romantic feelings when she encounters David (Ben Rappaport). She is also the writer and executive producer of this must-see tale of a girl with nothing to lose but who goes to great lengths to keep everything hidden. Here’s Stacey revealing more about her role:

Working on Landing Up has been the most exciting journey. As a writer I really wanted to tell this story of girls who don’t look like society’s idea of homeless, who because of their youth can slip in and out of worlds that they desperately want to belong in. The film also heavily explores the idea that we never really know people. That we can have someone in our lives and in our beds and even love them and yet they can remain a total mystery in many ways.

As an actress it was a huge responsibility and challenge to dive into Chrissie and let her live inside of me. She’s manipulative and a hustler but I find her genuinely sweet and empathetic and I want the audience to root for her even when she plays in a morally gray area.I was so lucky to get to work with E’dena Hines who plays Cece and Ben Rappaport who plays David as my main scene partners since they are both such giving actors and I found it very easy to connect and go all the way with them

There’s a myriad of layers to Stacey’s portrayal of the streetwise Chrissie which will undoubtedly resonate with attendees of this year’s SOHO International Film Fest.

actress stacey maltin soho international film festival 2017

Her upcoming projects include the feature film version of “Head”, about a gay millenial on the brink of adulthood who is seemingly stuck in a loop of instant pleasure. She’s also currently in post production on a short film called “Stronger Together” which she wrote, directed, and star in (along with the lovely Alice Kremelberg!), a queer lesbian sort of darkly funny love story.

I for one can’t wait to see Stacey dazzle alongside Alice who is very beloved on this blog. The women on the indie circuit are so loved as is producer/actress Marzy Hart whom I recently did a feature on for her supporting role on “Landing Up”. Kudos to Stacey and Marzy for breathing life into such an important story about homelessness among the youth. There will always be a special place for screen sweethearts such as Stacey in our hearts.

Do check out the Stacey Maltin Official Site for all the latest updates.

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