SOHO International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Marcia Kimpton

director marcia kimpton bardo blues soho international film festival 2017

The rise of the multi-hyphenate talents of the film industry sees Marcia Kimpton destined for adoration at this year’s SOHO International Film Fest. She’s the writer, director, producer and one of the stars of the drama “Bardo Blues” which has been chosen as the Closing Night Film this Wednesday, June 21st! Marcia plays Gabriella, an enigmatic soul whom a mentally ill young man encounters in Thailand as he struggles to understand his mother’s abandonment. Melding troubles of the complex mind and a journey of spiritual meaning, “Bardo Blues” should soon be weaving magic on the festival circuit in the months ahead. Yet again, it’s a wonderful thing to see that she has Natalie Denise Sperl in the cast as she’s an indie actress who is cherished on this blog.

Described affectionately as a superwoman, Marcia is notable for producing and directing a collection of web series, TV pilots and short films with great success. We can envision her next slate of projects to be one that inveigles the mind as much as the heart. Having set her feature “Bardo Blues” in Thailand, it would be so apt if she went on to use another Asian country once more as a locale for her future films. Who knows I might get to be on her crew someday too! The ever changing landscape of the film world is seeing the rapid advancement of artful women behind the lens and it’s indeed an auspicious time to form a growing admiration for Marcia.

director marcia kimpton soho international film festival 2017

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