SOHO International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Jill DeMonstoy

director jill demonstoy power of prayer soho international film festival 2017

Film Festival Fever rolls on especially in SOHO, New York which means more adoring glances towards the talents of the indie genre such as the luminous Jill DeMonstoy. She has a supporting role in the short film “Power Of Prayer” as Penuel, one of the members of the religious clan who believe that prayers can be a powerful tool against violence. Staunch in their beliefs, they convince the Lone Rider Roscoe (Nick Mathews) who was the saviour of one of their flock, the young woman Isabelle (Sarah Sampino) to trust that they might survive the impending onslaught of outlaws led by Masterson (Tony Simonetti). Attendees might also get a glimpse of the lovely Jill as she’s already in attendance at this year’s SOHO International Film Fest.

On the web, Jill stars in the comedic series “Exiled Out East” as Carrie Jackson who joins the team of fallen celebrity Vicki Darrow who is hoping to bounce back from a public scandal. Carrie’s however none too pleased with the union even as she becomes Vicki’s manager for entertainment and actually prefers to be a million miles away. “Exiled Out East” premiered at last year’s Dances With Films and once more showcased the strength of its immaculate female comediennes including the vivacious Jill. Poking fun at the celebrity life and all its warts, it’s written and produced by Paige Morrow Kimball, a beloved actress on this blog. With Jill’s enchanting presence on stage and having done voice over for commercials, video games as well as the animated series “Gods like Us”, she’s already an endearing figure in our minds.

director jill demonstoy soho international film festival 2017

I might be going through a difficult period with my mum’s sudden illness and hospital admission but it’s actresses such as Jill who motivate me to write beautiful features on such lovable storytellers of the screen.

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