LA Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of Desolation

Survival horror flicks have quite the immense thrill factor and “Desolation” has all the ingredients of a solid scare-fest that threads on our deepest fears. Isolation from civilisation can be one’s undoing as we will discover in “Desolation” when a mother takes her son and her best friend hiking into a remote region to scatter the ashes of her husband. What terrors lie ahead for the trio as their trip of familial remembrance quickly descends into a hellish nightmare!

Jaimi Paige

actress jaimi paige desolation la film festival 2017

Screen Sweetheart Jaimi Paige is on an excellent run in 2017 with leading roles in riveting features that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Following on from her fascinating appearance in the sci-fi thriller “Be Afraid”, she’s set for more buzz in the tense “Desolation”. As Abby, her protective instincts come to the fore as a stalker in the wilderness threatens her, her son Sam and her best friend Abby. Jaimi has also recently lit up TV Land on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” as well as the arena of familial drama in “A Mermaid’s Tale”.

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Alyshia Ochse

actress alyshia ochse desolation la film festival 2017

The stunning Alyshia plays Jen, the best friend of Jaimi’s Abby whose decision to tag along on the trip soon takes a sinister turn. From the clip (above) one can deduce she might just have the wiles to outsmart the sinister predator lurking in the woods. From the bold to the beautiful, Alyshia is known for her magnetic turns on film and television, notably herself in a villainous role as a sensual nun in the Lifetime Movie “Bad Sister”. Look out for Alyshia to sparkle alongside Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars fame on the upcoming CW series “Life Sentence”.

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