SOHO International Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Mandy Evans

actress mandy evans pickup soho international film festival 2017

We’re in for much intrigue onscreen with the advent of actress/producer Mandy Evans as a blossoming indie favourite. She stars opposite The Wire star, Jim True-Frost in the short film “Pickup” as Megan, a woman who seems to have the perfect life and family but has a weakness for casual sex by way of Tinder. Directed by the accomplished Jeremiah Kipp and from a script by Jessica Blank who has been featured here regularly, “Pickup” is a revealing insight into the notion that women are just as much sensual creatures as men with their inherent desires for carnal pleasures. Things do start unravelling for Megan when she starts neglecting her motherly duties in an incident involving her son after one of her flings. Having screened at film festivals in Madrid, Oxford, Nice and Las Vegas, it’s premiere screening in NYC on June 21 at this year’s Soho International Film Festival should enthral attendees.

As Megan, Mandy’s impeccable performance is one of pining for intimacy, fuelled on the precipice of morality where the mind is weak yet the flesh is willing. With impressive production values by director Jeremiah Kipp, we are drawn deeper into the broken psyche of Megan who even by the end of the feature is willing to forgo her family for a tap at another Tinder liaison. She’s belongs in the list of flawed characters we love to see more of, mirroring our own imperfect relationships that’s often masked by expectations. Audiences will no doubt be invested in her dark journey of temptation.

Here’s the info on the screening:

actress mandy evans  soho international film festival 2017

Do visit the Mandy Evans Official Site for all the latest updates.

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