Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ LA Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Chloe Farnworth in “Steps”

actress chloe farnworth steps la film festival 2017

– When it comes to indie films, Chloe Farnworth is on a beguiling roll, having entranced us in “Ava’s Impossible Things” and for being the centre of affection in the sci-fi thriller about crop circles called “In Circles”.
– She is the lead of the web series “Steps” directed by Francisco Sanchez that follows the sexually charged interactions of several unconnected people from episode to episode and Chloe looks every bit fetchingly enigmatic.
– I can’t wait to do a feature on the lovely Chloe in the role of Mary in the upcoming movie “Other Monsters” alongside another favourite actress of mine Alexandra Holden. Her character is tellingly unique and strong!

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Shakira Barrera & Chelsea Rendon in “High & Mighty”

actress shakira barrera high and mighty la film festival 2017
actress chelsea rendon high and mighty la film festival 2017

– Shakira Barrera and Chelsea Rendon are two beautiful and gifted talents who are deserving of admiration. Their merits on film and television can be seen in their versatility with both set to thrill us in “High And Mighty”.
– The gorgeous Shakira stars as Angie, the main squeeze of Marcelo “Chelo” Chavez (Jorge Diaz) who after surviving a vicious shooting discovers that he has superhuman powers but only when he’s wasted or high.
– You may have seen her at her prickly best on TV as the gangbanger Inez, making Maria Thayer’s Abbey’s life a living hell on the hit show “Those Who Can’t” so expect Shakira to channel a feisty edge as the ambitious Angie.
– Chelsea is in her element as the tomboyish Luz who is the little sister of Chelo with an independent streak in abundance. She’s not afraid to put him in his place and warns him about the pitfalls of his newfound powers.
– Her guest-star role on “Code Black” proved to be a memorable one with her emotionally textured performance as Anita, a pregnant woman dumped at Angels Memorial Hospital being authentically riveting.

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Alison Wandzura in “Story Of A Girl”

actress alison wandzura story of a girl la film festival 2017

– Alison has been illuminating the small screen having been eye-catching on shows such as “Mistresses”, “Van Helsing” and most recently in a dance-infused guest-star appearance on “The Magicians”.
– In Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut “Story Of A Girl”, Alison is playing Fran Johnstone, a well-to-do former colleague of the character played by Jon Tenny who is known for his work on “Scandal” and “The Closer”.
– Before we get to see her luminosity in the upcoming sci-fi series “The Crossing”, Alison stars as the ballsy defence attorney Jill Lansing complete with ’90s hair on “Menendez: Blood Brothers” now on Lifetime TV.

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Anna Shields in “Song of Sway Lake”

actress anna shields song of sway lake la film festival 2017

– With her comely facets, Anna is steadily garnering a stream of admirers having graced the indie scene in a multitude of genres, each time fascinating us with her magnetic depiction of captivating women onscreen.
– She’s very much in adorably coquettish mode as Heather alongside Rory Culkin and Ari Gold in “Song Of Sway Lake” about Rory’s Ollie who is returning to his family’s lake house to claim a valuable jazz recording.
– Anna is also notable for starring in “The Tomorrow Paradox” as Gretchen, a mystique of a woman whose presence touches a young insomniac whose black-market sleep aid plunges him one day forward into the future.

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