The Women Of Glow

“Glow” has to be one of most anticipated new series to hit television as this Alison-Brie fronted comedy series makes its premiere on Netflix on June 23. It follows the colourful characters of a 1980s syndicated women’s professional wrestling circuit known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or GLOW). Drop-kicking into our lives with female fronted pre-WWE dynamism, “Glow” has a powerhouse cast with a likability to keep audiences transfixed to their signature moves in the ring as much as the witty drama off it.

Marianna Palka

actress marianna palka glow

The effervescent Marianna Palka who is feted as an indie darling and acclaimed film-maker having regularly illuminated Sundance will undoubtedly shine in her recurring role on “Glow”. She plays Reggie Walsh who will be body-slamming her way into our hearts in a jazzy blue and orange jumpsuit onesie. Her thought-provoking feature “Bitch” is rivetingly buzzworthy as she stars alongside Jason Ritter and Jamie King as a depressed wife who resorts to living as a dog as she can’t kill herself after discovering her husband’s affair.

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Lisa Ann Walter

actress lisa ann walter glow

Lisa Ann Walter should already be anointed as one of the sexiest women on the planet and this curvaceous actress will be making an appearance on “Glow” in Episode 5. After her sassy turn on the sleeper hit comedy “Dependent’s Day”, expect Lisa to add spice in her guest-star role of Lorene. Look out for her to entertain us in the upcoming horror film “The Ice Cream Truck” as well as on the Katherine Heigl legal series “Doubt” which recently has been restored to air time sometime in July. Lisa’s a consummate screen siren with a most fetching glow.

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Aurelia Scheppers

actress aurelia scheppers glow

The mesmerising eyes of Aurelia Scheppers do indeed form a magnetic draw to catch her on the premiere episode of “Glow”. From the web to television and the big screen on several indie features, Aurelia has consistently been captivating. Her recent roles have often showcased just how much of a temptation she can be onscreen. Whether she’s making us laugh or revelling in the darkness of evil roles such as a devilish nanny, she’s known for breathing life into the characters she essays with a beguiling X-factor.

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One thought on “The Women Of Glow

  1. Nice write up…..I remember when GLOW was around and I do think it paved the way for the WWE to take women’s wrestling a bit more seriously as a money making business.

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