TV Vixens To Crave – 23rd June 2017

Michelle Argyris in “Shadowhunters”

actress michelle argryis shadowhunters

– One only has to be transfixed on “Shadowhunters” to be in reverence of the most beautiful actresses on the TV Series which includes the alluring Michelle Argyris who announced herself with tempting verve back in Episode 7.
– She has a recurring role as the fairy Kaelie who has eyes on vengeance after the murder of her brother at the hands of Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) which caused her hatred to grow against the Shadowhunters.
– Whilst Michelle’s portrayal of Kaelie was one of unhinged villainy, she’s every bit an angelic personality and she’s the epitome of grace affirming why we’ve always been in love with Canada’s screen vixens.

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Erica Rhodes in “The Off Season”

actress erica rhodes the off season

– A natural charmer be it on film, television or the improv stage, Erica Rhodes is fast becoming the sweetheart of all things comedy as she weaves her magic on the lighter side of life on her new show “The Off Season”
– She’s a delight as leading lady Laurie who together with her sibling Jack (Robert Belushi) have to spend a night inside a cursed motel in order to claim an inheritance. It’s comedic gold thanks to the uber-funnywoman Erica!
– Erica was recently on “Veep” opposite Timothy Simons playing his rather eccentric blind date and has also guest-starred on “Modern Family”. She’s also a regular panelist on Comedy Central’s @midnight.

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Angela Besharah in “The Good Witch”

actress angela besharah good witch

– What better than to have the fetching Angela Besharah alongside the luminous Catherine Bell in a scene together as this duo have such a magnetic presence each time they’re up onscreen, this time on the series “Good Witch”
– Angela has a recurring role as Margo, a friend of Catherine’s Cassie Nightingale who like Cassie has endearing facets that will be hard to resist. Let’s see if Margo returns to bewitch us in future episodes.
– Known for being a talented director, photographer and acting coach, she’s also an award winning film producer for The Evening News and is currently in post-production with her next short called ‘Rive”.

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