Indie Sweethearts To Adore @ Female Eye Film Fest 2017

Jessica Cameron, Director of “Mania”

director jessica cameron mania

– Feted for her thought-provoking splatterfest “Truth Or Dare”, Jessica Cameron is one of the most rivetingly daring directors of her generation who is dauntless in pushing the boundaries of horror.
– Her follow-up effort “Mania” which was billed as a F*cked Up Lesbian Love Story is brutal in its execution, featuring Brooke (Ellie Church) and Mel (Tristan Risk) as lovers embarking on a sex-charged, violent road trip.
– Jessica has already attended one of the panels at this year’s Female Eye Film Festival so attendees can covet her all of this weekend. Whether its behind the camera or front and centre, she’s a heroine of all things indie horror!

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Romi Trower, Director of “What If It Works”

actress romi trower what if it works

– To able to fashion an eccentric love story such as “What If It Works” which has the most inviting of global appeal is telling of the artistry of director/writer/actress Romi Trower as this Australian auteur garners rave reviews.
– Shattering the notions of people with disorders such as OCD and Multiple Personality Disorder by presenting them with a lighter touch and memorable humour, Romi’s personable narrative is engaging on so many levels.
– With a second feature and TV series in development, many are already clamouring for another delightful character-driven romantic opus from Romi. She’s well on her way to becoming a beloved film-maker.

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Rebecca Ocampo in “Beautiful Dead Things”

actress rebecca ocampo beautiful dead things

– The ravishing Rebecca Ocampo sports blue-tinged hair in the artistically quirky film “Beautiful Dead Things” where she’s a representation of beauty for a woman called Liv as she searches for the meaning of life.
– She is known for her impressive work on the short film “Tyson!” which she wrote and directed in Africa. Rebecca plays Bre, a maternal figure of sorts for a boisterous 6-year old Kenyan boy who was abandoned by his mother.
– Rebecca has also appeared on “Almost Asian”, the web series that delves into the travails of ethnically ambiguous actresses which has been affectionately lauded as “Master Of None” meets “Bridesmaids”.

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