The Sizzling Sweethearts @ Palm Springs Shorts Fest 2017

Kandis Fay, Producer of “It’s Been Like A Year”

producer kandis fay it's been like a year palm springs shortsfest 2017

– Producer/Actress Kandis Fay who together with her writer/director husband Cameron Fay make up the accomplished multi-talented duo bringing to screen the riveting short film “It’s Been Like A Year”.
– This humorous tale of sexual frustration and subsequent temptation is already making an indelible impression at many film festivals, winning a Best Live Action Short Film award at SBIFF 2017.
– You already know her as a fetching starlet of television with roles on hits such as “Mad Men” and “Masters Of Sex” as well as indie films. I know Kandis as a gracious entertainer who has touched my world with benevolence.

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Kathy Searle in “I’m In Here”

actress kathy searle i'm in here palm springs shortsfest 2017

– Lauded with utmost affection as a pearl of the comedy world, Kathy Searle wonderful versatility has seen her excel in morphing into an array of women who have a genuine charm and are anything but ordinary.
– She’s eye-catching in the short film “I’m In Here” as Diane, an eccentric woman who is part of a group of strangers who drop unannounced at the residence of a man and claim they have first dibs on his house.
– On top of enchanting audiences with hours of quirky, comedic verve on film, television and the web, Kathy has already shown me her gracious personality that has been a blessing for me and my family.

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Jen Pogue in “Time Out”

actress jen pogue time out palm springs shortsfest 2017

– When it comes to the essence of geniality, Jen Pogue has that trait in abundance. With her luminous endeavours in independent cinema, she’s also establishing herself as a casting director and producer.
– She’s the leading lady of the romantic short “Time Out” that sees her character and that of her beau played by Adam Langton pretend to meet as their younger selves to determine if they have a future together.
– A definite darling of the screen and likewise in my life having recently showered me with generosity. Jen’s likeable X-factor will go a long way in ensuring this Canadian actress is lovingly embedded in our hearts.

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