The Women Of Private Eyes

We love the magnetic qualities of our beloved Canadian screen sirens and on the series “Private Eyes” starring Cindy Sampson and Jason Priestley, we’ll be attuned with 3 such dazzling women. On Episode 4 of the 2nd Season called “Crimes Of Fashion”, the investigative duo of Cindy’s P.I. Angie Everett and Jason’s Matt Shade are tasked with escorting a collection of fashion line from an acclaimed Toronto Fashion House. It’s a rare sight indeed to have a trio of gorgeous actresses all in one show and on “Private Eyes”, it’s a thrill to jump at the chance to feature Canada’s finest femmes on TV.

Lina Roessler

actress lina roessler private eyes

She’s always been an enchanting fixture on the small screen and this time around on “Private Eyes”, the elegant Lina Roessler plays Sonia Valero who together with her brother are powerhouses in the fashion game. Things go awry when Angie and Matt are car-jacked resulting in the loss of a significant collection from the Valero brand. Lina gives her Sonia a distinguished facade which of course in any great character is actually masking her inner tumult which viewers will soon discover. Having captivated us in an episode of “Killjoys” where her role was one of similar complexity, Lina is ensuring her emergence on television is one of absorbing fascination.

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Sidney Leeder

actress sidney leeder private eyes

The stunning Sidney Leeder announces herself in enchanting fashion on “Private Eyes” as Kylie Larue, a fashion blogger who comes under the purview of both Angie and Matt after their car-jacking. She is soon fingered as a prime suspect but reluctantly decides to offer her co-operation. Wish those mesmerising eyes of her, Sidney exudes the spunk that makes her a hard tell so do keep tabs on her in the episode to see if she’s a bad hat! Having guest-starred on some of the biggest shows including “Lost Girl” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, Sidney came into our adoring sights after her dramatic turn in the Lifetime Movie “The Hazing Secret”.

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Mercedes De La Zerda

actress mercedes de la zerda private eyes

Mercedes de la Zerda is making a play on the hearts of TV viewers as she delivers a string of captivating performances. Following on from her splendid work recently on “Designated Survivor” as the idealistic Nadia Espinosa, she now makes an appearance on “Private Eyes”. All I can say is that her character Elizabeth has a major impact on the on-going case of theft of the Valero collection. Mercedes is excellent in the guise of the fallen talent in fashion who bears quite the grudge. She’s also had notable parts on “Bates Motel” and “Hemlock Grove” with her star set to shine further as she’s in the upcoming “War for the Planet of the Apes”.

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