The Women Of Claws

When it comes to the femmes of must-see TNT series “Claws”, they’re all nailing their performances as we follow five Florida manicurists and the ever revolving people who come into their lives.

Jenn Lyon

actress jenn lyon claws

Jenn Lyon is the unequivocal scene stealer on “Claws” as Jennifer, the sassy manicurist who harbours for something more in life. Her magnetism on camera is abundantly engaging with Jenn threading her somewhat complicated existence as the ex-party girl raising two children from previous relationships and precariously perched on the edge of sobriety. Jenn’s chemistry with Niecy Nash who plays salon owner Desna is the driving force of this wild series that empowers women and set in the intriguing flux of the manicure/pedicure world!

Christina Moore

actress christina moore claws

Be it on the big or small screen, Christina Moore is a screen siren whose appeal is on a prosperous high on account of her visibility on a number of films and shows. With her perfect hair, flawless features and glowing personality, she was born to portray Mandy Heiser on “Claws” who is poised to be a potential investor in the salon run by Niecy Nash’s Desna. Their business and personal relationship does end up facing a few stumbling blocks along the way but as they say good girls stay together and find a way to make it work.

Andrea Sooch

actress andrea sooch claws

With her mesmerising blue eyes, Hungarian-born beauty Andrea Sooch is effortlessly a vision of elegance. We may have only seen a tease of Andrea in her recurring role as Riva but rest assured she’s all set to spice up “Claws” and with an air of sophistication. In fact she has been celebrated as sophisticated among many plaudits so her character Riva will be right up her alley. Television was certainly made for Andrea to shine and she’s already appeared on hits such as “Gotham” and “The Blacklist”. We can’t wait for more of her enchanting presence!

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