Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 27 June 2017

Laura Flannery in “Claws”

actress laura flannery claws

– From indie films to TV, Laura Flannery strikingly captivates each time she graces the screen. She appears on “Claws” as Kelly, a bridesmaid who gets quite the pampering at the salon owned by Niecy Nash’s Desna.
– Horror fans will be looking forward to “A Haunting At Silver Falls” which she filmed in Oregon in February 2017. She’s the leading lady Jordan, who is tormented by the past and wants to forget her ghostly encounter.
– Her character Jordan will luckily have company in the form of Larry (played by James Cavlo from the original AHASF) and new college friends (played by Harry Hains from The Surface) and Clementine Dugdale (Cracks).

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Nicole Laliberte in “I’m Dying Up Here”

actress nicole laliberte i'm dying up here

– One of the most fearless actresses of her generation, Nicole Laliberte pushes the boundaries when it comes to representing edgy women on screen, her chameleonic appeal very much a showcase of magnetic allure.
– After her sizzling performance on “Twin Peaks”, she delivers another scorching performance on “I’m Dying Up Here” as Tess, an acid-addled woman who is into kinky sex and is discovered by Ari Graynor’s Cassie Feder.
– With her riveting run on TV as well as capturing our attention with a swath of intriguingly gritty roles in independent features, Nicole’s red-hot streak should see her popularity soar even further.

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Velinda Godfrey & Beth Grant in “Heartland”

actress velinda godfrey heartland
actress beth grant heartland

– With their smiles that are endearing to the max, it’s no wonder Velinda Godfrey and Beth Grant have been enchanters across multiple platforms with them playing mother and daughter respectively in “Heartland”.
– Writer/lead actress Velinda is fetchingly intriguing as the free-spirited Lauren whose affair with her brother’s girlfriend Carrie (Laura Spencer) will be romantically life-changing as much as it will be heartbreaking.
– Beth is magical as she delivers a wonderful honesty in essaying Lauren’s mom Crystal, struggling with being empathetic to her daughter whilst having her own expectations as a God-fearing woman challenged.

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Abbie Gayle in “Preacher”

actress abbie gayle preacher

– The adorable Abbie Gayle recently starred in the gritty thriller “Arsenal” as Alexis, the niece of 2 brothers JP (Adrian Grenier) and Mikey (Johnathon Schaech), kidnapped by Nicolas Cage’s sleazy crime lord.
– This week, Abbie can be seen alongside Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun on the Season 2 premiere episode of “Preacher” as Ashleigh, a helpless girl who is mysteriously kept restrained in a cage.
– Following appearances on “Lethal Weapon”, “Scream: The TV Series” and “Scream Queens”, isn’t it time we get to see her in meatier roles on television. Abbie most definitely has the innate sweetness to win us over!

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Sydney Sweeney in “Pretty Little Liars”

actress sydney sweeney pretty little liars

– Speculation is rife on the upcoming appearance of Sydney Sweeney on ‘Til DeAth Do Us PArt’, the finale episode of “Pretty Little Liars” with a juicy theory being her character Willa could be Alison’s twin!
– This only serves to fuel fascination to what has been a beloved series over 7 entertaining seasons with the girls of PLL and it’s great to see a blossoming talent such as Sydney playing her part in a compelling sendoff.
– With her recurring role alongside Amy Adams in the new HBO show “Sharp Objects” and the series “Manic” which made waves at this year’s Tribeca, the lovely Sydney could soon be one of TV’s newest addiction.

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Katie Boland in “Joseph And Henry”

actress katie boland joseph and henry

– Feted by TIFF as a Rising star back in 2011, Katie Boland has been on the ascendency ever since, impressing audiences in some of the most emotionally and physically demanding film as well as TV roles.
– She proves her dramatic mettle in the biblical tale “Joseph And Mary” that centres on the early days of Jesus where she plays Rebekah, a widow who is reeling from a tragic decree that spurs her taste for vengeance.
– Katie also stars in the dramedy “Love of My Life” opposite legendary British actress Anna Chancellor as Zoe, one of the daughters of Anna’s character Grace who finds out she has only days to live.

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