SeriesFest 2017 Spotlight: Mandy Fabian

actress mandy fabian dropping the soap

When we have exceptional women such as the multi-talented Mandy Fabian in entertainment, it’s apt to put her on a pedestal of admiration. She’s the Co-Creator, Writer and Actress of “Dropping The Soap”, the series that’s taken the digital space by storm and will be screening at this year’s SeriesFest. A celebration of the best and boldest episodic storytelling, SeriesFest 2017 is the perfect platform for audiences to entertained by the colourful, crazy world of soap opera that has Glee’s Jane Lynch as a new producer rocking the boat! She’s Olivia Vanderstein, a tough as nails game-changer who clashes with the cast of struggling soap “Collided Lives” that includes Kit Knockers (Kate Mines), Shea Buttersfield (Suzanne Friedline), Lily (Missi Pyle) and of course Mandy’s character Veera. Kudos To Mandy for assembling an eclectic ensemble of talents who have brought her vision to life.

It’s enormously fun take on relevance in a workplace setting i.e. the waning soap environment resonates especially in this time of disruption and the advent of digital consumption when it comes to storytelling. Affectionately lauded as a tour-de-force and having been acclaimed as “Best New Filmmaker” from NewFilmmakers LA in 2015 as well as winning multiple awards at film festival, Mandy is certifiably a creative whiz! Thanks to her, we get to be immersed in the irreverent hilarity of “Dropping The Soap”.

actress mandy fabian seriesfest 2017

She also co-created and directed “The Young Hillary Diaries”, Lifetime’s first original digital series that delves into the life of an awkward yet vociferous 15 year old girl in the 1960s running for high school Student Body president. When it comes to compelling web content, Mandy has consistently been a defining voice championing multi-dimensional female roles. The rise of female film-makers like Patty Jenkins is inspirational and we are glad to know there’s a Wonder Woman by the name of Mandy Fabian who is etching her legacy in the addictive world of the web series.

Do check out the Mandy Fabian Official Site for all the latest updates.

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