Sizzling Women To Crave @ SeriesFest 2017

Sherry Romito in “Tiny House”

actress sherry romito tiny house seriesfest 2017

– Serenely beautiful, Sherry Romito is the inviting star of “Tiny House” in the role of Margee, the loyal wife of Lou who camps out with him in a van while he’s attempting to build a small home after financial troubles.
– Just like how her character Margee is described as special, the multi-faceted Sherry delivers a delightfully grounded performance and many will adore how she stands by her husband through thick and thin.
– Sherry is notable for the semi-autobiographical feature “Under The Hollywood Sign” which was inspired by her personal as well as professional life and went on to make a big impression on the film festival circuit.

Elizabeth Frances in “Her Story”

actress elizabeth frances her story seriesfest 2017

– Elizabeth Frances has been showcasing her captivating fortitude onscreen thrilling viewers in strong roles most recently on television as the feisty Prairie Rose on “The Son” and the intimidating Lilly Rowan on “Love”.
– Starring in “The Son” as the Comanche love interest of Pierce Brosnan’s Eli, her Prairie Rose is a standout for being an assertive feminine presence on the tribe thanks to Elizabeth’s intensely engrossing performances.
– She’s in her element as lesbian rock chick Bad Penny in the series “Her Story” which delves into the dating lives of trans & queer women. Elizabeth’s outspoken, rather cheeky portrayal is resoundingly impressive.

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Haroula Rose, Jennifer Lafleur & Abby Wathen in “Lost And Found”

actress haroula rose lost and found seriesfest 2017
actress jennifer lafleur lost and found seriesfest 2017
actress abby wathen lost and found seriesfest 2017

– When one has a chance to praise a trio of enchanting entertainers namely the talented Haroula Rose, Jennifer Lafleur and Abby Wathen, the admiration for each of these lovely ladies is one of effusive passion.
– Haroula is the visionary behind the enthralling “Lost And Found” wth its distinctive premise that sees a modern LA couple hosting an ‘Un-wedding’ party, a celebration of divorce that’s built on moving drama.
– Jennifer shines as Rebecca, the best friend of Melonie Diaz’s Stella, one half of the breaking-up couple who has to deal with the aftermath which has an impact on her bonds with those in the tight-knit community.
– Abby who stars as Lucy will be at SeriesFest in Denver this week to represent “Lost And Found” where she will be at the Q & A with esteemed director Haroula Rose. She’ll win you over with her glowing personality.

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