Days Of The Dead 2017 Spotlight: Ellie Church

actress ellie church spotlight

When one is as prominent as the ravishing Ellie Church during this weekend’s Days Of The Dead in Indianapolis, Indiana, all eyes are sure to be adoringly trained on her. She appears in a cavalcade of horror films during the 48 Hour Independent Film Fest that has been a thrilling fixture at Days Of The Dead over the years. On Friday this week, she stars in the “The Dead Bodies in #223” as an unloving wife of a man who could be heading down a dark path he can never get back from. Come the first day in July on Saturday, she will be introducing her film “Time To Kill” where it has elements of grindhouse horror as she plays Sara, a woman who goes on a killing spree after finding out she has only 24 hours to live.

In what is a busy day, she has 4 fright flicks on show namely the blood-bath that is “Headless” and followed up by “Harvest Lake” where Ellie is seductive as a woman who is bewitched by a sensual presence in the woods. Then she can be seen in the “Plank Face”, a more brooding terror tale as well as her sex-fuelled sci-fi comedy “Space Babes From Outer Space”. She’ll entice us all as Carrieola, the horny alien who together with her bethren lands on Earth to obtain enough sexual energy search for their spaceship to find their way home. You’ll love the contrast of her character who is dressed in virginal white but has an innate sensual desire which includes greeting us earthlings with her boobs! Ellie will indeed be in her cleavage-friendly tight bodice during a rare photo ops on Saturday from 2-4pm so make sure you catch her as a sizzling temptation at Days Of The Dead

actress ellie church days of the dead 2017

“Wet Hot American Summer” and “Glow” has shown a resurgence of camp onscreen across various genres so expect “Space Babes From Outer Space” to likewise find its share of adulation. With her track record in a number of indie horror films that push the boundaries be it the lasciviousness or wickedness of the themes, Ellie Church is making the world sit up and notice!

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