TV Vixens To Crave – 1st July 2017

Anna Hopkins in “Dark Matter”

actress anna hopkins dark matter

– When it comes to the most strikingly beautiful women of television, Anna Hopkins is a cert for limitless affection especially since she’s illuminated the sci-fi genre on the small screen most notably on “Defiance”.
– She returns to her fantasy roots on the Season 3 premiere episode of “Dark Matter” as Ambrosia, an acquaintance of Adrian Maro who is held for ransom by the UFC beast Michael Bisping’s villainous opportunist.
– Audiences will be pleasantly surprised by the textures of her character Ambrosia, one who’ll keep us on tether-hooks in guessing her true intentions as she portrays an ambitious woman with spicy feminine wiles.

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Loretta Yu in “Save Me”

actress loretta yu save me

– We say a resounding yes to our beloved Canadian Actresses especially with a charmer such as Loretta Yu, one of the stars of crime drama “Blood And Water” stirring our hearts yet again on television.
– She has a recurring role in the series “Save Me” which sees her as a rookie parademic responding to 911 calls throughout downtown Toronto. We also get to know the sometimes humorous backstories of these lifesavers.
– Loretta can also been seen on the new family TV series “Dino Dana” on Amazon which is about the titular Dana a paleontologist in training who with her sister Emily in tow, embark on a series of adventures with dinosaurs.

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Ayden Mayeri in “Downward Dog”

actress ayden mayeri downward dog

– Elevating herself as a certifiable temptation with comedic chops, Ayden Mayeri has consistently dazzled on TV Land, having shone on several popular shows including “Faking It”, “New Girl” and “Workaholics”.
– Don’t miss her on the must-see series “Downward Dog” especially in the last few episodes as her character Gwen has several funny interactions with leading lady Allison Tolman Nan with regards to her dog Martin.
– Ayden is also making waves in several indie films, her latest being the comedy “Random Tropical Paradise” where she’s much more than just a welcome distraction as the enticing Johanna Lacroix.

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