Lawrene Denkers

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In honour of Canada Day on July 1st, it’s essential to shine the spotlight on the supremely talented Lawrene Denkers. She’s a premier Canadian actress whose multi-faceted performances across stage, film and television already has everyone talking. Lawrene’s appearance on the body horror classic “Bite” was one of unbridled spitefulness with many giving her kudos for her spiky, hostile portrayal.

Here’s Lawrene revealing more about her rather malicious role on the “Bite”:

The role in Bite was great fun. I was Mrs. Kennedy, Jared’s mom, the frumpy, nasty, meddling mother-in-law-to-be who was making Casey’s life awful even before the poor girl was bitten. It was over the top and venomous – and very messy. I loved the shoot. Chad and the Black Fawn crew are fantastic to work with, Jordan is great, and Elma is a dream. Everyone was wonderful.

Lawrene also stars in the upcoming drama “Crimson Sands” which delves into the oppression many women face in the Middle East. A performer with punch when it comes to the dramatic artform. she deservingly won a Best Actress in a Web Series at the 2016 Miami Web Fest for her role as the character Professor Grinlow Caltain in Herman Wang’s “The Spell Tutor”. She also went on to be nominated for a Best Actress award at the recent Vancouver Web Fest 2017.

Do watch her shine in an array of projects that should satisfy a cross-section of viewers which includes a short film by Nikolay Michaylov called “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and Season 2 of Time Baristas by Alex Young and Sean O’Neill. This will be followed up with new seasons of “The Spell Tutor” and a feature film “The Duchess of Cancun” by Mike Gallant which is an official selection at the Madrid International Film Fest where it’s nominated for Best Film. Lawrene is most certainly doing Canada proud with her enigmatic presence on screen.

actress ellie church spotlight

Do visit the Lawrene Denkers Official Site for all the latest updates.

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