Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 2 July 2017

Meredith Thomas in “The Wrong Crush”

actress meredith thomas the wrong crush

– Television is already an at all time high when it comes to daily viewer consumption and thanks to the emerging popularity of TV movies on the Lifetime network, we get to revel in the delightful essence of Meredith Thomas.
– Do catch her on July 2 in her role as Mrs. Hessler in “The Wrong Crush” in a tale about a teen Amelia (Victoria Konefal) whose drunken indiscretion resulted in her best friend’s death which puts her own life in danger.
– Having played Carnie, the step-mother of Rashida Jones Angie on “Angie Tribeca” as well as juicy roles in “A Christmas in Vermont” and “The Dark Tapes”, Meredith is absorbingly enchanting us on multiple fronts.

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Sarah Warren in “LAX”

actress sarah warren lax

– Having charmed audiences in the spy caper “MLE (My Little Eye)”, actress/director/writer Sarah Warren returns to entertaining form in “LAX” where she’s such an engaging vision complete with delectable spontaneity.
– Sarah has described “LAX” as a comedic web series in the vein of “Locke” (with Tom Hardy) meets “Girls” and that should whet our appetite for the misadventures of a lost soul coming home from the busy airport.
– Start falling in love with the lovely Sarah who is fast becoming one of Canada’s blossoming comedy stars. Having her work compared to Lena Dunham should warrant Sarah a wave of admiration.

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Autumn Federici in “6:66 P.M.”

actress autumn federici 666 pm

– Yet again, we are attracted to the multi-faceted talents of the industry such as Autumn Federici who is the star as well as the producer of “6.66 P.M.”, a flick that melds horror and comedy coming in November.
– She plays Lorraine, one of the cast members on a reality TV show whose staged investigation of a haunted house turns all too real as each of them try to survive the night when the ghost of a serial killer materialises.
– Her upcoming project threads on much stronger and darker horror fare with Autumn being the producer of the terrifying “Dark/Web” which is an anthology series that centers on the many dangers of the digital world.

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Lisa Ann Walter in “Doubt”

actress lisa ann walter doubt

– This year, Lisa Ann Walter is indeed a dazzling fixture on our small screen having already guest-starred on “Glow” as Lorene, the forthright yet caring mother of Betty Gilpin’s tortured glam wrestler Debbie Eagan.
– She imbues the law drama “Doubt” as with her vivacious energy as Mary Millerton, a woman who is being taken to task for being a fraud psychic. Watch her captivate alongside Laverne Cox and Dreama Walker.
– With her excellent range in projecting women of interesting nuances across different eras and in a multitude of genres, the time is ripe for the eternally lovable Lisa to headline her own show.

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Elissa Dowling in “Bonejangles”

actress elissa dowling bonejangles

– The tempting Elissa Dowling is one of independent horror’s finest actresses with her series of appearances culminating in her role as Eloise Dagmar who is a spiritual menace in the chillingly riveting “We Are Still Here”.
– She stars as Rowena, the devilish witch who unleashes a curse on a town with demonic zombies and in their desperation, a group of police officers decide to release a monster of their own in the serial Killer Bonejangles!
– Look out for Elissa to go the dramatic route in her upcoming film “Spreading Darkness” which is an ensemble crime comedy-thriller that stars Dominique Swain, Eric Roberts and sci-fi icon Musetta Vander.

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