Mandell Maughan

actress mandell maughan me myself and i spotlight

The attraction for the women of television is going to be at all time high especially with Mandell Maughan primed to be a most fetching funny woman this Fall. She stars in the uplifting new CBS Comedy “Me, Myself And I” where she plays Maggie, the mum of Alex Riley (Bobby Moynihan) who has an event-filled teenage years. During his youth, we get to see Alex and his mother Maggie moving from Chicago to Los Angeles after her re-marriage which is 1 of 3 distinct timelines that is pivotal in his eventual future success.

Mandell is a gem onscreen as the stewardess whose date with a pilot ends up in nuptials while she juggles taking care of her son Alex whose transition from teen to puberty is pretty rough. From struggles adjusting to his family’s new arrangement in his youth to discovering his wife’s affair in adulthood, Alex faces tribulations that could put any man into depression. Things start looking up when he becomes the world’s greatest inventor but of course with fame comes the desire for something more! We can’t wait to see how Mandell’s Maggie shapes Alex’s upbringing which is certain to be a fascinating yet endearing dynamic between mother and son on “Me, Myself And I”.

actress mandell maughan bajillion dollar propertie$

Look out for the glowing Mandell to be a most desirable face of the small screen in the coming months. Just like how she’s turning heads on the web series “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” on Seeso as she’s a scene stealer as the ambitiously driven Victoria King. She’s the property agent with quite the confident persona who is unafraid to dabble in all forms of manipulation. A humorous satire of wealthy real estate reality TV, Mandell is pitch perfect as the smug Victoria who believes she’s the best agent around. Mandell has already shown she has the potential to be a golden girl of comedy.

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