Claudia Ferri

actress claudia ferri queen of the south

Fondly regarded as a performer with limitless versatility, the ravishing Claudia Ferri is enlivening TV screens in dynamic fashion. Don’t miss her on “Queen Of The South” as the intimidating La Capitana from the Bolivian Military who has nefarious plans for Alice Braga’s drug smuggler Teresa Mendoza. These confrontation between 2 drive women sets up for an intense drama which is likely to spill over into more episodes seeing how Claudia’s role is a recurring one. Her heritage of Italian, Irish, Scottish, French and Native American ensures Claudia can embody a wide-ranging mix of intriguing faces onscreen. She also has a way with words with her multi-lingual background having enunciate on film in the tongues of Portuguese, Russian and Greek.

A 2005 Actra Award Winner for Outstanding Female Performance for the TV series Ciao Bella”, she recently was nominated for Outstanding Performance – Female for starring in the comedy “A Date With Miss Fortune”. Claudia has been lauded as being fabulous in many circles for her elegant performance as Anna, the mother of a beautiful Portuguese woman, Maria (Jeannette Sousa) who has fallen in love with struggling sitcom writer Jack (Ryan K. Scott). Her earthy portrayal of a mum who has a more emotive understanding of her daughter’s love life in contrast to her more apprehensive husband.

actress claudia ferri screen siren

Television has indeed been the prime medium where Claudia has been eye-catching, most notably her chilling sojourn in AMC’s “The Killing” as Native American band chief Nicole Jackson. She went to have meaty parts on “Rogue” as well as “Public Morals” and she will be seen in the upcoming mini-series “Bad Blood” that chronicles Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto’s true life and death story. This has been the year of enthralling women fronting some of the most memorably riveting shows and Claudia is ready to assume the mantle of one of Canada’s sirens on multiple channels.

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