Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight: Katie Ryan

actress katie ryan madrid international film fest 2017

The rise of the redheads is upon us with the delectable Katie Ryan enthralling audiences at this year’s Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight. Nominated for Best Lead Actress for her memorable performance in the drama “One Buck”, she’ll be feted as an indie darling in the coming months. She stars as Amara, the sister of the protagonist, a drug-addled cop Harry Maggio (John Freeman) who is in the throes of depression after his wife’s murder. Just like all good sisters in the world, she’s constantly alarmed at his state of mind and may yet be the one who brings him back to the straight and narrow. Katie perfectly essayed the magnanimous heart of the selfless Amara who puts everyone’s interest above hers and it’s is a soulful depiction that is a tapestry of emotiveness. While “One Buck” centres on the humble dollar, there’s a wealth of humanistic stories that at times paint a grim picture.

We already have crimson-haired sweethearts such as Bella Thorne on film as well as Holland Roden of “Teen Wolf” fame and Madelaine Petsch from “Riverdale” catching our eyes. Likewise, Katie Ryan is set to garner a similar level of affection on the indie film front. With her enigmatic features, Katie was alluring in her guest-star role alongside Jeremy Sisto on the series “Ice” which delved into the treacherous world of diamond dealing. She can also be seen on the web series “Tiny Cinema” which are entertaining shorts under a minute spanning the genres of drama, comedy and horror.

actress katie ryan one buck

Across film, television and the web, the talented Katie is steadily driving a wave of interest and she’ll be delighting audiences for some time to come.

One thought on “Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight: Katie Ryan

  1. I was fortunate enough to act with Katie in the short film “Skin”, directed by Guy Nattiv. She’s very talented, and a joy to work with . I look forward to working with her again.

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