Sarah Henesey

actress sarah henesey screen sweetheart

The radiant Aussie actress Sarah Henesey is set to make her mark in world cinema this week with a graceful joviality. She is starring in the Turkish romantic comedy “Organik Ask Hikayeleri” a.k.a “Organic Love Stories” premiering at the ReelHeART Film Festival in Toronto on July 7. Her performance on “Organic Love Stories” has already drawn wonderful comparisons to Lucille Ball which would mean viewers will get to a taste of her kooky comedic flavours. She is after all nominated for Best Actress so expect Sarah to be a name we’ll be hearing plenty of in the weeks ahead. Having seen the trailer (above), there’s such a vivid warmth about Sarah as she plays a woman whose love life has its fair share of complications.

Here’s Sarah revealing more about her colourful roots and the features she’s done:

I was born & raised in Sydney Australia but both studying drama in London & working/living in LA i have an excellent command of both British & US accents (& a variety of them!) I’m a ‘name’ actress in Europe & have acted in a wide variety of genres being a lead actress in over 10 features & many more on TV. From period plays on stage in London, to a Syfy feature in Bulgaria, playing an agent in a cold war period espionage film in Eastern Europe, a horror film in the US, to a number 1 rated sitcom in Turkey for 4 years, from serious action flicks to comedy-action spy spoofs with Jackie Chan & his stunt team i’ve pretty much covered them all, I also dance, kick-box & perform a variety of stunts including wire-work.

I’ve worked with acclaimed directors & actors such as Bruce Beresford, Morgan Freeman, John Cusack, Val Kilmer & many more. I also host TV shows & i’ve been on the cover of Cosmopolitan, In Style, FHM, Maxim & many more.

actress sarah henesey organic love stories

I also loved how it’s such a small world as Sarah has represented Turkey as Miss Turkey on New Years Eve of 2000 on Sentosa Island which is in Singapore where I’m from. She was competing for Miss Millenium and made to the finals, getting to dance on stage with Frankie Goes To Hollywood and then shortly after moving to Hollywood. Now those are glorious memories indeed and now Sarah is forging new ones as she charms us on a global scale.

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