Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 11 July 2017

Sarah Schoofs in “Ayla”

actress sarah schoofs ayla

– Atmospheric, psychological horror is a treat for the mind and Sarah Schoofs is set to inveigle us as the leading lady of “Ayla”, a story that sees her as Alex, a woman whose boyfriend is obsessed with the death of his sister.
– She’s riveting as Alex who is the relatable figure of this suspenseful, strange film as her paramour Alex tries to resurrect his late four-year old sister and who or what returns in a familiar form of a young woman is terrifying.
– Sarah is notable for tapping into the evocative, dark recesses of the horror genre having been eye-catching in the bloody, body horror of “Gut” as well as the film “Phobia” where she returns from the grave as a spectre.

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Elizabeth Saint in “Ghosts Of Shepherdstown”

actress elizabeth saint ghosts of shepherdstown

– Huge thanks to the ravishing Elizabeth Saint who for this past week has sizzling up this blog in anticipation of the Season 2 premiere of her hair-raising series “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” on Destination America.
– You could say she’s the saint for all those affected by the supernatural seeing how Elizabeth is the intrepid paranormal sensitive using her divine talents to help the team with paranormal events at the John Brown Museum.
– Start falling in love with the lovely Sarah who is fast becoming one of Canada’s blossoming comedy stars. Having her work compared to Lena Dunham should warrant Sarah a wave of admiration.

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Kaylee Williams in “Black Creek”

actress kaylee williams black creek

– Continuing the scare-fest theme of this roundup comes “Black Creek” which stars Scream Queen Kaylee Williams as she stars as Lorna whose sojourn to a cabin in the secluded woods ends in terror of the Evil Dead kind.
– Do look out for her to find out if she gets possessed just like her friends who succumb to the evil influence of a demon and carry out heinous acts of violence. Her fans are hoping she survives as she’s a total sweetheart.
– One of the busiest actresses in independent horror with a diverse slate of upcoming features in 2017 and beyond, she has the likeable X-factor that draws the admiration of viewers and will keep us coming back for more.

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