The Women Of Doubt

Television is the playground for feisty women as can be seen on “Doubt” starring Katherine Heigl and the series has certainly shown a similar dauntlessness having been recently revived with CBS now running the unaired episodes. This gives us ample opportunity to glimpse the amazing actresses who each have a telling part to play on the unconventional law drama be it in their capacity as a recurring character or a short episodic stint.

Romi Dias

actress romi dias doubt

Romi spices up the screen in more ways than one as Judge Irene Mendoza who is an unwavering force of nature when it comes to holding court. This was something Katherine Heigl’s Sadie Ellis discover to her detriment as she gets thrown to jail for contempt after accusing Judge Irene of corruption. Romi exudes poise and embodies the steadfast nature of her character with perfect aplomb and with many more appearances in the following weeks, expect her to reign supreme…well at least over Sadie on “Doubt”. She has also guest-starred on “Queen Of The South” as well as “Mistresses” ensuring her presence on TV is going to be a cherished one.

Angela Landis

actress angela landis doubt

Angela appears on “Doubt” as Kelly Spencer, one of the potential witnesses of a murder case where she’s interview by Cameron Wirth (Laverne Cox). It’s not too obvious if she would be of any help seeing how she and her group of friends were pretty wasted. This is on top of some rather conflicting stories about who hooked up with who. Indie fans would recognise Angela as the scene stealer of the award-winning comedy “Boned”. She shone as Samantha, an L.A. actress/dogwalker whose suddenly finds herself in quite the pickle having to deal with a crazy dognapper and trying to recover a Maltese from an even more lunatic dominatrix.

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