Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of The 6th Friend

It’s often a beautiful thing when the female cast of a particular film hold a special place in our hearts and keep us hooked on their every characterisation. The leading ladies of the chilling “The 6th Friend” are certainly winning us with their innately charming facets. Their versatility across multiple genres are the icing on the cake and are winning them admirers across the world.

Chantelle Albers

actress chantelle albers the 6th friend madrid iff 2017

Chantelle is currently in attendance at the Madrid IFF 2017 and those lucky enough to be there can catch her in all her ravishing glory. She is also a nominee for the Best Supporting Actress award which will no doubt drum up avid interest for Chantelle. She stars as Melissa White, an aspiring actress with a fractured past who together with her friends are stalked by someone or something supernatural at their reunion party. Hers is a performance that ran the gamut of emotions and endorses Chantelle’s rise as a captivating indie darling.

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Jamie Bernadette

actress jamie bernadette the 6th friend madrid iff 2017

Jamie is one of the busiest actresses in the indie genre with a slate of features in the pipeline where we’ve already seen her shine time and time again. While we’re thoroughly looking forward to her upcoming appearance alongside Camille Keaton in “I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu” where they play mother and daughter, she’s an enthralling vision in “The 6th Friend”. Her multi-faceted artistry comes to the fore with her being the writer, co-producer with Chantelle Albers and stars in a stirring portrayal as Joey who comes face to face with a paranormal threat.

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