Screen Sweethearts To Crave @ California Women’s Film Fest 2017

Gabrielle Stone in “It Happened Again Last Night”

actress gabrielle stone it happened again last night california women's film fest 2017

– Gabrielle Stone is on a luminous ascendency with her nominations for Best Actress and Best Director for “It Happened Again Last Night”, her thought-provoking short on the torrent of emotional torment of abused women.
– She’s already won a Best Actress Award at this year’s North Hollywood CineFest as she was a stirring revelation in her role as Paige who is caught between fear due to an abusive relationship and love for her best friend.
– Her immaculate talents are a wonderful extension beyond the screen having written and directed “It Happened Again Last Night” so expect Gabrielle to leave an indelibly wonderful mark in independent film.

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Nancy Stafford in “Common Threads”

actress nancy stafford common threads california women's film fest 2017

– Having already won Best Short Film in the Jury Category Winners at this year’s California Women’s Film Fest, Nancy Stafford, the leading lady of the period drama “Common Threads” is also a nominee for Best Actress.
– She’s captivating from start to finish as Maybelle Bleu, a reclusive widow who reluctantly welcomes a mysterious child wandering on a desolate road into her home only to face a life-changing discovery that’s disturbing.
– A graceful figure on the indie festival circuit, Nancy is well adept in a multitude of genres be it tickling us pink in the comedy caper “Heaven Bound” or giving us a taste of her dramatic resonance in “Heritage Falls”.

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Hollis Sherman-Pepe in “To Quiet My Mind”

actress hollis sherman-pepe to quiet my mind california women's film fest 2017

– The praiseworthy rise of multi-faceted women of the independent scene is a beautiful thing indeed with Actress/Writer/Producer Hollis Sherman-Pepe crafting a mesmerising tale about the trauma of modern warfare as a soldier tries to find meaning through painting.
– “To Quiet My Mind” has already won Best Experimental Film at this year’s California Women’s Film Fest and she’s deserving of such a wonderful accolade having been recently lauded as being a storyteller with a unique style.
– As a writer, Hollis has always strived to push the boundaries and as an actress, her diverse body of work is in itself an endearing asset. With several new features in the pipeline for 2017, watch her enchant the planet.

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Kristina Denton And Sarah Booth in “Orange Lipstick”

actress kristina denton orange lipstick california women's film fest 2017
actress sarah booth orange lipstick california women's film fest 2017

– It’s double the viewing pleasure to be able to glimpse the delectable finesse onscreen from the lovely duo of Kristina Denton and Sarah Booth from the must-watch female-fronted dramedy “Orange Lipstick”.
– An award-winning entertainer, the elegant Kristina is pitch perfect as Jess with her authentic portrayal of a mother who decides to leave her hectic grind of a caregiver life for a shot at reclaiming her youth.
– Known for her powerful guest-starring role as Captain Beth Williams on a riveting episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, Sarah brings a more upbeat touch to her character Zoey, Jess’s vibrant friend.

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