The Must Watch Actresses @ Long Island Film Expo 2017

Louise Monot in “Everything Is One Thing”

actress louise monot everything is one thing long island film expo 2017

– When it comes to romantic stories, we often find the sweetness in the performances of French actresses such as Louise Monot who was so notably eye-catching with quite the comedic verve in “Girl On A Bicycle”.
– She’ll be stealing many a heart yet again as Marie in the short “Everything Is One Thing” playing an 8-month pregnant young woman who connects with Gideon, an American visiting Paris after the death of his mother.
– In the vein of willowy French femmes such as Charlotte Gainsbourg whom Louise has appeared alongside with, the sophisticated finery which she can project effortlessly on and off screen is indeed a big attraction!

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Mary Kate Wiles in “(Romance) In The Digital Age”

actress mary kate wiles romance in the digital age long island film expo 2017

– When affectionately lauding the women of the digital space, the perennial sweetheart Mary Kate Wiles is a standout having headlined the beloved web series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and “Squaresville”.
– Don’t miss her in “(Romance) In The Digital Age” as she plays herself who happens to be a rather avid fan of a once-famous emo band performing impromptu karaoke together which becomes a viral sensation.
– In honour of the release of “Spiderman: Homecoming”, the always lovely Mary has herself been part of the superhero saga on the animated series “Ultimate Spider-Man” as the voice of the villain Francis Beck aka Mysterio.

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Satomi Hofmann in “Four Bottles”

actress satomi hofmann four bottles long island film expo 2017

– The time is nigh for an abundance of affection to be heaped upon actresses of Hapa Heritage such as the Japanese-German entertainer Satomi Hofmann who this year lit up Broadway in “Phantom Of The Opera”.
– In “Four Bottles”, she’s refreshingly colourful as Lisa, one half of a quirky couple who encounters the film’s protagonist Stacy (Melanie Ryan), a woman discovering the unpredictable nature of life in New York City.
– More and more character driven features are winning audiences over and with “Four Bottles” garnering warm approval at several film festivals, so should the luminous cast which includes the vivacious, multi-talented Satomi.

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Jill DeMonstoy in “Power Of Prayer”

actress jill demonstoy the power of prayer long island film expo 2017

– Jill DeMonstoy has graced film, television, stage and the web across multiple genres with her features getting attention at various film festivals which sees her establishing herself as a lovable talent.
– She can be seen in the period short film “Power Of Prayer” as Penuel, a member of a religious clan that staunchly believes in the divine power of praying when one is faced with impending violence.
– For those who love getting their content off the web, catch Jill in fine comedic fettle on “Exiled Out East” alongside Kate Hodge who is notable for her work on the classic “She Wolf of London”.

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