The Must Watch Actresses @ Long Island Film Expo 2017 – Part 2

Amanda Brooke Lerner in “The Cartographer”

actress amanda brooke lerner the cartographer long island film expo 2017

– Amanda Brooke Lerner is already a big winner at this year’s Long Island Film Expo having garnered the Best Actress Award for her stirringly layered work on the bi-polar disorder themed short “The Cartographer”.
– The emotional nuances that are often the driver of a moving story are knitted captivatingly by Amanda as she embodies the struggles of her character Hope, a mother who tries her best to cope with her son’s mental illness.
– On stage, she’s been lauded as a powerful storyteller and onscreen most notably in independent cinema, she’s the captivating centre at the heart of the diverse women she’s essayed which should win her even more accolades.

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Kristine Gerolaga in “On the Edge”

actress kristine gerolaga on the edge long island film expo 2017

– Yet again we are graced by the endearing presence of multi-faceted women of the screen with Kristine Gerolaga who is known for writing, directing, producing and starring in the comedic short film “A Period Drama”.
– The dramedy “On The Edge is where viewers can watch her in beguiling form as a punk rock chick who encounters a man on the top of a building where they wax lyrical over their similar intentions to attempt suicide.
– Fanboys would have adored her appearance in the buzzworthy Star Wars Fan Flick “Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade” where she’s quite the malevolent persona who has nefarious designs on our intrepid Hero Han.

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Katelyn Pearce in “So Soha”

actress katelyn pearce so soha long island film expo 2017

– Seeing how the entertaining comedic web series “So Soha” has won multiple awards, Katelyn Pearce, co-executive producer and one of stars of this endearing, female-fronted digital series should warrant adulation.
– One of the sexiest woman to ever emerge in the industry, the stunning Katelyn compliments her allure with an innate dexterity in the funny stakes and she’s a delight as Jenna, the wide-eyed model/cocktail waitress.
– Katelyn is also steadily gaining lovable traction on the festival circuit having starred in the indie drama “We Remember” as well as “Gone By Dawn”, a film that sees her as an exotic dancer alongside Hannah Fierman.

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