The Must Watch Starlets @ Comic Con 2017

Holland Roden in “Teen Wolf”

actress holland roden teen wolf san diego comic con 2017

– Global audiences will certainly miss the vivacious Holland Roden with the impending end of “Teen Wolf” after 6 thrilling seasons as she has immersed herself into our hearts as the delectable Lydia Martin.
– Not only has she been a much beloved sweetheart for the longest time on television, this hottie is spot on when she’s the apple of our eyes at red carpets and on camera, elevating herself as a blossoming fashion icon.
– She won’t however be far from our minds as she’ll return to television in the horror anthology series “Channel Zero” and one can expect the massively adorable Holland to kickstart another obsession.

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Taylor Black in “Midnight, Texas”

actress taylor black midnight texas san diego comic con 2017

– If ever there was a beauty to inveigle us in the summer months, it would be the alluring Taylor Black who is currently making a splash on the small screen with several eye-catching appearances.
– She was fetchingly luminous on “Criminal Minds” as Lauren Barrett, a pop star in Korea and the American wife of a retired plastic surgeon and will captivate once more in her guest-starring role on “Midnight, Texas”.
– The supernatural series “Lucifer” is known for its cast of gorgeous, talented women such as Lauren German as well as Tricia Helfer and Taylor is set to sizzle especially since her character’s name Misty Canyons is playfully saucy.

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Emily Swallow in “CastleVania”

actress emily swallow castlevania san diego comic con 2017

– She’s already regarded as an actress that fanboys of the hit show “Supernatural” cherish with gusto and this time around, Emily Swallow will be winning over a legion of viewers who are admirers of anime.
– Emily has been tapped to be the voice of Lisa, the wife of Vlad Tepes and the mother of Adrian Tepes in the Netflix animated series “Castlevania”. She’s already projected to add great depth to her character.
– Be it on TV or in independent films, she has a compelling grace and artistry that’s highly desirable. Having been a scene stealer as Amara on “Supernatural”, it’s time Emily gets to headline her own episodic series.

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