Comic Con 2017 Spotlight: Eliza Coupe

actress eliza coupe comic con 2017

One only has to gaze longingly at the screen to be in awe of the allure of Eliza Coupe who would effortlessly rank as a Sex Symbol. She is the leading lady of the new Hulu series “Future Man” alongside Josh Hutcherson and plays the the saucy Tiger, a character in the video game Cybergeddon. In a role that’s intensely sexy as it is mystifying, she’s the tough as nails character who recruits Josh to travel back in time to save the world that she left behind and to add more twists, Tiger might be actually be hiding a game-changing secret. From the great mind of Seth Rogen comes this sci-fi series that will blast us with dollops of witty comical moments and of course loads of futuristic action. Eliza will of course be reuniting with Seth in the upcoming feature “The Disaster Artist” which has her opposite James Franco who stars as the infamous Tommy Wiseau, the actor/film-maker of “The Room”, considered to be one of the worst movies ever made!

Like many of Eliza’s fans around the globe, I formed an admiration for Eliza not just from her magnetic work on “Happy Endings” but also from her appearances on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Eliza’s irresistible charisma coupled with those foxy legs that are in itself an attraction for the eyes and her innate intelligence ensures she’s a visual as well as a cerebral treat. Suffice to say Eliza would rank highly as a Dream Woman for any viewer. So much so that even without a trailer for “Future Man”, Eliza piques our fascination.

actress eliza coupe future man

We can’t wait to be in awe of the many incarnations of Eliza in the near Future as her wondrous appeal is set to last a lifetime.

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