Comic Con 2017 Spotlight: The Women Of The International Film Fest

Jenna C Johnson in “It Began Without Warning”

actress jenna c johnson it began without warning comic con 2017

– For attendees at Comic Con, it’s time to fix your eyes on the eternal sweetheart Jenna C. Johnson who was recently on the panel of her thrilling yet brutal and disturbing creature feature “It Began Without Warning”.
– From SXSW to SDCC, her delicate presence has entrenched pleasantly among us viewers especially with her role in “It Began Without Warning” which has been lauded for blurring the lines between genres.
– She’s a genuine charmer from head to toe with a bubbly visage that would have fanboys wrapped in admiration and after the festivities of this week in San Diego, this redhead could be on her way for big things.

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Natalie Kim in “Super Debt”

actress natalie kim super debt comic con 2017

– Kudos to the vivacious Korean-American comedienne Natalie Kim for crafting an Asian super-heroine we could all look up to and she revels in the spiciness of her character Firebird in the entertaining short “Super Debt”.
– Hers is a splendid rendition of a hero with flaws which we’ve seen developed in loads of stories that have been so appealing at Comic Con over the years and Natalie is a delight as the financially troubled Firebird.
– You may have also caught glimpses of the sunny Natalie on television this year having guest-starred on “Madam Secretary” as well as in a most intense episode on the time-travel series “Time After Time”.

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Premstar Santana in “Dos Lunas”

actress premstar santana dos lunas

– She’s known for being a compelling figure both onscreen as well as directing from behind the camera and the multi-faceted Premstar Santana is flourishing with her unique voice on the independent scene.
– Her gifts are going to be enjoyed by even more people around the globe as she’s the star of “Dos Lunas”, a sci-fi tinged, post apocalyptic short that is part of the sub-genre that has been consistently popularity.
– With her film “Seer” also catching fire on the festival circuit, Premstar is a must-watch as Clara in “Dos Lunas”, a woman scavenging to live in a world shorn of civilisation where she essays a most gritty performance.

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