Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 23 July 2017

Jennifer Hall in “The Night Shift”

actress jennifer hall the night shift

– Known for her excellence in self-deprecating humour onscreen, most notably on the HBO series “Unscripted”, Jennifer Hall has been illuminating a number of TV shows with a feel good factor that viewers will find amiable.
– Guest-starring on “The Night Shift”, Jennifer plays Meghan Walters, a pregnant woman whose labour just got complicated as she’s up in the air where a mass infection has been spreading on the airplane.
– It’s sky-high drama not for the faint-hearted and she shines alongside Brendan Fehr as the their two characters started off on a happy note until a medical crisis challenges the human spirit to the limit!

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Jenny Gabrielle in “Only The Brave”

actress jenny gabrielle only the brave

– She’s a vision of elegance on film and as you will see from the trailer of “Only The Brave”, Jenny Gabrielle is gracefulness personified with those enigmatic eyes of hers is a cert for an abundance of affection.
– Jenny plays Desiree Steed, the wife of a fireman who was part of the crew that bravely fought a wildfire in June 2013 and she appears with Jennifer Connelly who stars as the spouse of team leader Josh Brolin’s Eric Marsh.
– We do love to see the beautiful talents from the independent arena such as Jenny transitioning to the bigger features and it’s a testament to her dedication as well as her charisma as an entertainer.

Claudia Graf in “Shooter”

actress claudia graf shooter

– An adore-worthy siren of the screen, Claudia Graf is a German-born actress and model with an undeniably sultry appeal who has been captivating the film and television mediums across a variety of genres.
– It’s fitting to see Claudia in the very Season 2 premiere episode of “Shooter” as a gorgeous German nurse who gets hit on by Rodriguez who is a member in the unit led by Ryan Phillippe’s Bob Lee Swagger.
– On top of starring in the upcoming “The Monroes” opposite Niki Koss of “Famous In Love” fame, her voice talents are also going to be on show as she’s part of the upcoming video game “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”.

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Christie Burson in “Deadly Lessons”

actress christie burson deadly lessons

– Some actresses are blessed with the gift of youthfulness on their side and Christie Burson has the baby-faced allure very much in the vein of say Sarah Hyland or Lucy Hale ensuring her spot in our heart of hearts.
– Catch her in one of her most salacious roles yet on the Lifetime TV Movie “Deadly Lessons” as Lisa, a college student whose affair with her professor leads her down a dark path that she never thought would ever happen!
– Christie has been a guest-star on some of the biggest hits on TV including “True Blood”, “Hawaii Five-0” and “Bones” but it was her seductive turn as a sociopath on “Dirty Little Trick” that mesmerised us all.

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